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Almost new!!! Usefull maps!!

Marek-MexMarek-Mex Posts: 56
edited December 2007 in MTB general
I've been riding for almost a year, at the begining starting solo, after two monts, got a new bike for my wife, but now that is cold and muddy, she doesn't like too much. But, got a friend and he start to enjoy and get mad about bikes as me. So we been riding every weak end together, and last one, was the greates one, 'cause we got till ''epping forest'' thanks to the cheking the route post in this web site. I would like to post the picture but don't know how.
Great mag, and great site.
Give a smile, is free!!!


  • rikkrikk Posts: 734
    If you like Epping pop over here the boys are out every sunday and know the trails like the back of their hands.
    Don't go by the btw, the sunday ride is always a nice social one, sign up and say high.

    BTW, if you fancy trying anywhere else around here drop me a PM, Hainault's good once you know your way around and Thorndon is superb.
  • Thanks for read and reply!! :D
    I''ll try this weakend (Is raining, nice!!! 8) ) And I'll try to convince my wife to get there on sunday.
    Give a smile, is free!!!
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