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hope bulb vs pro 2

azza 05azza 05 Posts: 248
edited December 2007 in MTB general
i have noticed that pro 2s are around £120 and bulbs are about £130 and just wondered whether this means that the bulb is better or if theres another reason?? does anyone know???

thnaks aron


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    Bulbs are £10 better :wink:

    IIRC correctly, Bulbs are discontinued so Hope are obviously confident in the ProIIs being the hub of choice.
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  • jrichjrich Posts: 278
    A rear Bulb has 36 points of engagment, whereas the Pro 2 has 24.

    The rear Bulb is about 70 grams heavier than the Pro 2 but is stronger. Front hubs are about the same weight wise.

    The Bulb has a Ti cassette body, the Pro 2 is aluminum.

    I personally run Bulbs and have never had a problem. As to which one you chose, it really depends what you are going to use them for, and what you want out of your bike. Both are very good.
  • azza 05azza 05 Posts: 248
    thanks people i run bulbs also and find them excellent and very clicky hehe
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    Can't say i've ever had a problem with either sets of Pro II's I've got. Both sets have been sweet!
  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    Pro II's are lighter and easier to get spares for.
  • dave_sdave_s Posts: 4,362
    All Hope hubs are good.
    I've had Hope XC ones which lasted years even getting hammered on full-sussers.

    I'm running a mix of mostly Pro IIs now but have a Bulb front hub on one bike never had any probs with any of them.
    Dave S
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