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how god is the frame on my bike

william_93william_93 Posts: 51
edited December 2007 in MTB general
My bike is brilliant for what i do but i wondered how good the frame was on it , afterall that is one of the most important parts on the bike eh?!
My bike is a trek 4300 disk

p.s also is this a good begginers bike and if i were to go on and do some more serious riding( but no that serious lol) would this still be up to it?!


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    You've answered your own question, your bike is brilliant. That's all you need to know. Don't be worrying about how it compares to all the other bikes when you clearly love it. What happens if someone says it's an average beginners bike? Whereas it once filled you with joy to see it for the first time each day, all you can see is the space where the RP23 (Pushed of course) should be.

    Get out and ride it till it breaks and only then start worrying about what your next bike will be.
    "Internet Forums - an amazing world where outright falsehoods become cyber-facts with a few witty key taps and a carefully placed emoticon."
  • jpembrokejpembroke Posts: 2,569
    So, your frame is God. This is one of the oddest manifestations of the divine that I have heard of but we cyclists have been known to get a bit carried away when it comes to our bikes.

    p.s. If your frame was Italian then I could understand it, but a Trek??????????
    I'm only concerned with looking concerned
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    And for the record, I think it's a very good bike - and not just for beginners.
  • dave_sdave_s Posts: 4,362
    Sorry to go off topic but got to say that Blundell's Klein looks mighty fine.
    Never had one myself but always loved the look and quality build of Klein frames

    You'll be fine with the Trek too, decent bike
    Dave S
  • BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
    Cheers Dave_S

    I went out on it for the first time in about a month today. Well good!

    Back to the old treks though, they're pretty well noted for making good neutral handling frames. Hell I still use my old glued trek 6500zx now and again!
  • cheers guys have been very helpful!!!!
  • clasclas Posts: 187
    I rode an old Dawes acoma for years and years a great frame and a good bike for what I did. since my riding style developed to a more downhill focussed (due to the fact that Im older and gravity masks a bit of lack of fitness) I got a new bike. I still ride the dawes sometimes because I like it.
    If you like your bike why would you care if I said it was krap? I wouldnt give a big rats censored if anyone sneered at me or my bike. just dont do it to my face thats all.
    I never touched it! It was broke when I got here.
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