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bike to work

skinny man0903skinny man0903 Posts: 37
edited December 2007 in Commuting chat
how is you bike used

how many use the bike for work 0 votes

0% 0 votes
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  • I normally use mine for going to work, but try to go on long rides when I can I.e. when my shifts allow
  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895
    There are quite a few more options than just work and race surely? What about off-road, audax, touring, skatepark, etc.?
  • GambatteGambatte Posts: 1,453
    Which bike d'you mean?

    I've got 3. All designed for different things.

    Don't think thats anything like uncommon on here

    Plus you're likely to get a very stilted result posting on the commuting section of the forum?
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