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Motivation in sport questionnaire

Jamesc07Jamesc07 Posts: 3
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I am currently researching how people are motivated in sport and, in particular, whether there are differences between motivation in adventurous sports (such as mountain biking) and in more mainstream sports.

This research uses an established questionnaire for measuring motivation. It involves responding to 13 statements about how you define success. There are 2 sections, one for adventure sports and one for mainstream sports.

If you have a few spare minutes and would like to contribute please follow the link below. ... 4&fid=1691

Thank you for your interest,



  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
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  • mozzlemozzle Posts: 100
  • Done.

    so who found themselves more/less competitive in adventure sports than mainstream stuff.

    Going by my answers, I'm a damn sight more competitive with myself in adventure sports, but less with other people. In mainstream sports I tend not to be so involved or motivated.

    Although saying that, there was a year when rowing ruled between 18 and 25 hours of every week! :shock: :lol:
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  • Just find adventure sports more rewarding and fun.

    Never really done much mainstream sport.

    Surfing, trail running, MTBing all great fun.
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  • warm18warm18 Posts: 341
    i agree a little but ive played rugby since i was 12 and there's nothign quite like a team sport. when everyone puts 100% in and you win its an amazing feeling especially if everyone is as important as eachother.
  • mozzlemozzle Posts: 100
    With mainstream sports, such as football, rugby and cricket because your not involved in every single second of all the action you tend to ease up and take it easy, you kind of become a passenger to whats happening. whereas with adveture sports, mtb, kayaking, rock climbing, because your in control of your own speed, direction, goal, you tend to always give it your all for aslong as you possibly can, at least this is how it is with me, I become super competitive when im doing my adventure sports :shock:
  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this research. Your input is very much appreciated. The questionnaire will close tomorrow (31st December) and the link will no longer work. In the mean time if anybody else would like to contribute then please feel free.

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