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Norfolk Rides.

Martyn50Martyn50 Posts: 5
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Apart from the thetford forest area, is there any other cool places to ride in Norfolk? I/m fairly new to the area so I need to find some good places. Coming from Devon, Norfolk is VERY flat!

I've ridden the Thetford forest rides, including the Black route which was pretty good this time of year and quite technical in places.


  • Martin
    there is Ringland Hills and Moushold heath, and there is also something out at Bacton, but not sure what.

    take a look at the forum on it's actually a Norfolk/Suffolk based group, very friendly, lot's of stuff going on all the time. Some of us are off to Chicksands on Saturday.
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  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    ringland is very good, love getting out there when i can. I haven't tried moushold yet though, ill have to go out there in the new year I think.

    TY for that link btw.
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  • come visit us at we always have a great crack.

    Just come back from Chicksands, after an all day road trip, I ache everywhere, but what a day :-)
    If you see the candle as flame, the meal is already cooked.
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  • Derek,

    Thanks for the link, i've been on the site and also found the TIMBERs website too. Met a guy on the balck route in Thetford who is involved with it. The red route has some interesting new bits and a good jump.

    Just about to get a shiny new bike to replace my 15 year old GT for xmas so i'll be chomping at the bit to get on it in the new year.

    It sounds like Chicksands is pretty good, i'll have to head up there. I tend to ache more these days after a ride. I'm not like I was when I was 18! :D

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