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wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
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I've just started using clipless pedals for the first time, and they seem extremely difficult to release. I'm having to turn my heels out almost to where my leg won't twist any further.

Is this right, and how do folk deal with this? Any tips?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    try swapping the cleats to the other shoe as that may reduce the release angle. But it does depend which side the dot is now.

    the Manual will tell you.
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  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    Thanks for the quick reply

    According to the manual, I have the cleats set up for beginners; i.e. a 13º release angle rather than a 17º. If I swapped 'em tp the 17º I'd have to wear the bike in bed. I'd never get out. Thank God I don't have dodgy knees. (yet)
  • Traffic lights are fun when you cant release......... been there
  • nikradnikrad Posts: 28
    Are clip less pedals really worth the hassle on a MTB .
    I ask because im getting a Rockhopper Pro with them fitted .
    I ve had them before but since doing my ligaments in on my ankle i wondering whether a good pair of flat pedals with good shoes would be a better way to go !
  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    I was under the impression that forgetting you've got your feet clipped in is the main problem for beginners, not having to fight like buggery to get your feet free.
  • once you get used to spd's after a short time you wont want to go back to flat pedals... or get a combined set like 545's..... i wont use anything else now
  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    Seems to me they're easier to release at the top of the stroke, and they respond better to a sharp twist/yank than a relaxed turn. Still having to release them well in advance of stopping though...
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