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chocolate advent calenders

tardingtontardington Posts: 1,379
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I hope you all realise today is the LAST day to get the missus a nice chocolate advent calender? I should be up with the brownie points by getting a nice one for her work (which I gave to her at lunch time) AND have just beaten up various beardy types at the local health food shop for a 13 pound (really! They'd better be damn tasty) organic Montezuma one...*

Last year I got a thornton's one with the name on, but it wasn't very good :?

The year before I forgot! :shock:

*my local health food shop employs ONLY hot girls. It works for me! The one at the counter looked at me with smouldering eyes and said "She must be a lucky woman" and winked**

** largely untrue

NB Marks and Spencer always seem to have loads for some reason. Waitrose? Pffft.


  • Sod it I've forgotten :?

    Mind you I don't think wifey has bought any for the little beckenham's yet so it looks like I'm off the hook :lol:
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Yep, I'm in trouble on that score, too. I was even at the shops today with mrs Pneumatic.

    Anyway, the so-called chocolate in these things (and everything else at this time of year) is usually made of a mixture of parafin wax and furniture polish and tastes like sump oil, so I've spared them daily nausea.

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