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Lights again!

Sev101Sev101 Posts: 56
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Hi guys

I have read the related link on lights and not wanna spend a fortune on lights but would like to get into trying some night riding

I have seen the Minewt range and seen one for about 150.00 any one got em and anyone got any opinons on what I should buy?

Any help appreciated




  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    How long do you plan your rides to be? Is weight, or ultimate brightness an issue? Very good round up in MBR recently.
  • Last year's cateye triple shots can be had for about 99 pounds if you shop about, just got a set and pretty pleased.
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  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    I've been looking at the MiNewts too. Dual set is on Wiggle for about £180 which should be better than the single.

    Where can you pick up the Cateye triple for £99, last years model would suit me fine.
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  • lesuire lakes website. £98.99 deliverd. bargain!
    i orderd mine the monday should be here wednesday! :D
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  • I had some cateye's and was never happy with the battery life. Replaced them with some Lumicycle Halogen's they start at about £130 for Li-ion battery and you could spend up to £250+ depending on whether you want 1 or 2 lamps and how powrful your battery is.

    I got a 12watt spot and 20 watt flood and get about 4 hours out of them for £200. They are absolutely brilliant, really bright - the 20 watt can dazzle a car, quite light and very set and forget about - unless you have them nicked when you get your bike nicked from your shed like me!!!

    I looked around now I have to replace them and I will be getting another set of Lumicycle nothing else i found matches the bangs per buck.
  • the cateye triple shot battery lasts for 3hrs20mins.
    thats plently for most people!
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  • The Cateye Doubleshot I use for night rides also does well, 4-5 hours burn time and nice and bright, I bought mine for £99 a while back, if the triples are now £99 maybe you will get these cheaper :wink:
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  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    For a cheap (£37) high-powered LED solution, have a look at this thread

    It seems these may outperform dedicated bike lights costing 3 times the price. A bike mount is available for about £5 that will fit bars or helmet.
  • Sev101Sev101 Posts: 56
    Thanks for the advice guys - am always a bit wary of magazine reviews cause you never know!!

    I have been looking at the cat eye's triple shot so will have another look more seriously now that some of you are saying you have em and like em

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