bike damage from Roubaix to Paris...?

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PuneyJoe and I are planning to do the Paris-Roubaix sportive in 2008. A queston arises though - being a point-to-point route, we have to get back to the start at "Paris" (i.e. at Cambronne with 94km from Paris) from Roubaix. The sportive organisers are laying on coaches but that option worries me because I reckon the coaches will have trailers where the bikes are thrown in together. I don't fancy my lovely bike being scratched to buggery by other bikes.

Anyone know if this is the case. Alternatives are train, but this isn't easy as there's no station at Cambronne, or 2 cars (leave one in Roubaix the day before) which is expensive.

Any thouhgts anyone?

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    Not quite the same issue but we have a similar logistics problem were toying with at the moment

    We have an idea of riding to Paris using the Portsmouth ferry, having a day off, riding Paris / Roubaix and then riding back to Southampton via Calais / Dover (although I prefer to do my cycling on the French side).

    Problem is transporting any kit as I don't fancy doing P/R with a backpack or panniers! I'm toying with the idea of buying a cheap tee shirt / shorts and sandals and disposing of them in Paris. The only problem is by the time we get to Roubaix I don't think were going to be that clean and if it rains..............
  • According to the P-R information site:

    Small luggage can be left at the departure in Cambronne, Bohain and Wallers. It will be given back at the arrival in Roubaix

    So your plan may workout!

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    I've done the last 2 P-Rx Sprotives - taking the coach from Roubaix to the start in Cambronne. The bikes are put in trailers, but last year quite a few were put on the buses themselves. I've used my Colnago and a few sections of pipe-lagging and cable ties made sure it arrived in immaculate condition. The guys who load the buses also take care to try and pack them safely. You can leave bags at the start and they are available for collection back in Roubaix. It's a great event and there aren't huge numbers of riders - particularly doing the 264km route. Probably will be back in Roubaix in June - we do it as a red-eye special, driving over on the Saturday afternoon, steak, frites and beer in Belgium, a couple of hours kip and on the bus from 2am. Just hope it isn't quite as hot next year though.
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