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I'm currently looking into a business idea which will focus on Mountain Biking Clothing, and i'm looking to do some market research to hopefully back up my own thoughts about the opportunity.


If everyone could spare 2 minutes of your time to complete a survey at the link below, that would be fantastic.

Mountain Bike Clothing survey

I'm not a big company spamming the forums, just a guy with an idea and a desire to start my own company and get out of my mind numbing, corporate, repmobile existence :D so many thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to complete this - it really is much appreciated.


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    Done, not sure what you're selling but you're entering a competitive market.

    Try and compete with CRC for price but have more of a product range and you'd be quids in.
    Dave S
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    Just completed any reason for no questions on shoes, gloves, helmet?
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  • done, what is it you are going to sell?
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    Done - really intrigued to know what you have in mind!
  • Thanks to everyone who has replied.

    I'm can' give too much away about my plans currently but watch this space!
  • dave_s wrote:
    Done, not sure what you're selling but you're entering a competitive market.

    Are there any areas in mtbing where there isn't enough competition?
  • Forget about keeping it cheap - if you can do the sort of lifestyle / eco / right-on branding Howies do so well you can sell your stuff for what the hell you like in terms of price (I should know I buy it!) :)
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