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Does anyone live in witney and go to the mountain bike club?

Jack04Jack04 Posts: 60
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I live in witney and they had a sort of club thing on showing all the clubs and there was mountain biking club but I didnt know if it would be any good?? Being a beginner I thought it would be a good idea to go along and watch the experts and learn from them!!

thanks Jack


  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    is that witney near houston, texas?
  • Jack04Jack04 Posts: 60
    No....Witney near Oxford
  • dunnnooodunnnooo Posts: 900

    I rode with them until two months ago, when I went to uni. There's actually two clubs running, who sometimes do rides together. Witney mtb club is the official, members with british cycling, insured to the neck group, who do a lot of teaching work, and are very good if you're lazy/just starting/unfit/not-a-national-level-xc-racer. The guy who runs it's called stuart, though there's a couple of others who run rides.
    The other group are basically a group of mates who go riding together, and are quite happy to take others along. They're kinda the opposite of witney mtb club- they go fast (there's a couple of good racers in there), they're slightly nutty, and they're there to have a laught. Though if you do go riding with them, they will ensure you get back in one piece.
    It's probably a good idea to go along with witney MTB club at first, to see what the area's like. If you want to go faster/further etc, then they can introduce you to the other lot (they all tend to meet at a pub on thursdays as both groups run rides then). Hope this helps.

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  • DufferDuffer Posts: 379
    This is a very old post, but does anyone know if it's still true?

    i live in weston super mare, but will be on a course at carterton through the summer, so i'm looking to see if there's any good local riding to be had...

    does anyone have any contact details for them?
  • dunnnooodunnnooo Posts: 900
    dunno if it's still running, but the websites still up with contact details.
    I'd give my right hand to be ambi-dextrous
  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    Im not in any clubs but when Im not at uni I will be back in carterton and XC riding around the area.

    Always good to ride with someone else so give me a shout.

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