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handlebars:flat & rise

johnnypipe85johnnypipe85 Posts: 145
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Hi everyone!
I have quite a tech question going round in my head and I hope you can help me..

What is the difference between flat and rise handlebars if fitted on the same frame but with the correct combination of stem (size and angle) and headset spacers so that the hands on both handlebars are in the same relative position to the rider and the ground?

Would the "feel" be any different?

Sorry if it's not a very clear explanation of what I'm trying to understand....

Thanks for your help..


  • Dan.hkrDan.hkr Posts: 68
    think id be right in saying you wouldnt feel much differance at all if set up to the same height and reach.
    think flat bars are abit stiffer tho so might get a little more vibration.
    o and also flat bars will normally have no sweep to them where as risers do.

    hope this helps a little bit :?
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  • BuglyBugly Posts: 520
    I agree with Dan the sweep of the bars would be the greatest factor, from my (limited) experience I would suggest that as a whole riser bars tend to be a little wider. Flat bars with very little bend help achieve a more aero position and are suited to being more bent over the bars, the sweep and rise on the riser bar allows the rider to be in a more upright positon.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the flats will be stiffer for a given weight.

    then it all comes down to personal choice and looks.
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  • thanks guys! I'm trying to understand the difference in geometry between my Rockhopper and my Epic, and aalthough at first glance they look similar, they couldn't feel any more different! I was wondering if that was only due to the different bars...
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