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Yank tourist seeks route advice...

MrCarbohydrateMrCarbohydrate Posts: 9
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I'd like to ride from Gower St. b&b land (near the Brit. Museum) up to the RAF Museum near the Colindale tube stop. It's hard to tell what roads are good/bad from a map. Should I just jump on the tube and bin the ride? How long should it take? :wink:


  • No idea, but hang on until tomorrow when the site traffic picks up (people back to work :? )
  • dondaredondare Posts: 2,113
    I certainly wouldn't recommend the A1 for cycling. Honestly, I think it's one for the tube.

    Also, don't forget it'll be getting dark at about 5 oclock now.
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  • dondaredondare Posts: 2,113
    By the way, when are you in London and for how long?
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  • Ride it! Get a mini A-Z and just set off. None of the roads are that tough to navigate, and if you find it getting a bit hairy just get off and walk.

    Good luck.....
  • It's a fair old hike (10/12 miles?) basically straight upthe Edgware Road.

    Don't know if there's a bike lane or not.

    Also try posting on Commuting in Cycle Chat. Someone there may come in that way.
    17 years commuting up and down the King\'s Road and i still don\'t get faster...
  • BrainsBrains Posts: 1,732
    First of all, there are 14 free maps of London covering all the cycle routes. You can get them all from here ... cycleguide
    or failing that, drop into any cycle shop of Tourist Info place and pick up a free copy of the local area cycle map

    To get your own personal map for the exact route you want, go to the TFL website, it'sa bit fiddley to use, but put in where you start and finish and then check ONLY the cycle option and then you get your own adobe map. Brilliant. ... leType=107
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