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Disk brake problem

ParkeyParkey Posts: 303
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This is probably a completely obvious question but as I'm completely new to hydraulic disk brakes I have to ask as I'm left scratching my head.

I have Magura Julie disk brakes on my MTB, and I've just had to replace the rear pads. I've taken the old pads out easily enough, and I can get the new pads in, but I can't move the pads apart enough to get the disk back into the gap. In the process of trying to do so I also tried the brake lever, which seems to have made the problem worse.

Does anybody know what I can do to sort this out?
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  • The piston is going out!! Try gently push with a small screwdriver to push it back into place, than try putting back your pads, et voilà!

    Good luck!
  • ParkeyParkey Posts: 303
    Having spoken to LBS chappie I've found out what the problem is.

    I had the bike upside down. This means that when I squeezed the lever it put an air bubble into the system. The answer to this apparently is to bleed the system.

    The guy gave me some reasonably good instructions, but can anybody point me to a online guide on how to do this?
    "A recent study has found that, at the current rate of usage, the word 'sustainable' will be worn out by the year 2015"
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here

    and get the bleed kit. mineral oil only.

    But back to the guys comment about you having put air in the system that is not correct.

    you need to respread the pads start with something thin that will fit make sure all the tools you use are clean... and take care to push straight or you can put the pistons of center and jam them.

    if the brakes have never been bled at ant time since you have had it there should be no problems pushing the pads/pistons back in.

    if they have been blead with worn pads you may need to remove some excess fluid.
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