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Biking from Heathrow

MrCarbohydrateMrCarbohydrate Posts: 9
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I'll be landing at LHR very early in the morning with my trusty steel steed. Any good routes into the city? I'll be in no hurry. I've heard you can take the canal towpath at some point. Any help is appreciated! :?


  • rgismergisme Posts: 1,598
    Easy route from LHR into Central London alongside the A4 init? Virtually a straight line all the way to Piccadilly. I did it once, no problems.
  • orienteerorienteer Posts: 752
    You can pick up the canal towpath (Grand Union Canal) at West Drayton, a couple of miles north of the airport, where you follow it eastwards. At Bulls Bridge, Hayes, in another mile or two, take the north arm to get to central London, rather than the arm continuing eastwards.
    Anyone seen my bearings?
  • A4 all the way in is really grim.

    If you have a bike that can handle a towpath and a bit of time, try this:

    A4 out of the Airport to Hounslow
    Then A3006 through Hounslow.
    Right on B361 and end up in Twickenham.
    Towpath round the Thames to Richmond
    Lunch in Richmond or cycle up into Richmond Park and have lunch there.
    Then from the Park, out of Roehampton Gate and down to Putney.
    Cross Putney Bridge and turn right down the Kings Road.
    Bike lane all along the Kings Road right up to Sloane Sq= in London!

    17 years commuting up and down the King\'s Road and i still don\'t get faster...
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