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Gear ratios (one for the mathematicians!!)

PhilTheFishPhilTheFish Posts: 82
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
I've now got my second new bike in about 6 weeks. An opportunity that was too good to miss arose and I got hold of a Saracen Hyroad (not stolen, before anyone asks!!)

I rode it home for the first time last night without the computer fitted and at first it felt a lot slower than my Carrera Subway. Surprisingly I knocked 5 minutes off my usual 35 minute commute.

The top gear on the Carrera is a combination of the 44 teeth on the chainring and the 11 teeth on the rear cog with 26" wheels

In comparison the Saracen top gear is 48 - 14 on 700c tyres.

OK, now this is where I need the mathematician! Which of the two bikes will give me the higher speed at the same crank RPM (use 100 RPM as the base). Don't forget the different wheel sizes!

I will be most impressed if someone can work it out



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