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Giant xtc 4.5

gone_surfing1990gone_surfing1990 Posts: 28
edited November 2007 in XC and Enduro
i have gone and brought a giant xtc 4.5 and the lbs are going to give me 50 quid to spend and was wondering if a decent helmet makes a difference ive got and old one . another thing i thought of are gloves . Also what do you think of the bike theres no reviews anywhere .


  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    Bike = Excellent.

    If you've got £50 to spend and need a helmet, then spend the whole £50 on a helmet and get a decent one.
  • Very good bike for the money.I love my XTC.There are reviews on this site for other XTC versions which are similar.
    If you have £50 buy a Bell Veture helmet (good budget id)for £25 and spend the rest on a pair of gloves.
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  • good bike choice. I love my xtc!!

    for £50 a decent helmet and if there is any left some gloves. simple. :D
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