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is it really worth it?

GambatteGambatte Posts: 1,453
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
I reckon some’ll shoot me down for this, but sod it.

Sadly had proof there’s idiot cyclists out there tonight.

Sheffield, Rutland Road. It’s a long straight hill. The sort that means you’ll get your head down and spin for a good couple of minutes. But today I travelled to work in the cage.

16:30 and I’m off home. First tho’ I have to cross Rutland Rd, heading downhill. Its also got the distinction of being a rather busy thorofare. The traffic uphill is regularly slow, you tend to rely on someone letting you out.

So tonight I get ‘flashed’ by a cement wagon, who stops 1-2 car lengths short of the junction. I edge out into the first lane of traffic, spotting the cyclist coming from the left. I wait and look, so as to be able to see and be seen by anyone attempting to overtake the wagon to my right.

I then look left to see if a space is imminent or if someones going to flash to let me in there.

The first car is about 20 yards behind the cyclist. But this fluorescent clad fool is sat up on his hybrid/flatbar roady. He’s got one hand on the bars and is spending 20-30’ frantically giving the wagon driver the ‘d1ckhead’ gesture, with his right arm.

Great ambassador. He’s just given a queue of traffic a great example.

His flash only indicates he’s seen me, which was confirmed by eye. A sensible driver would do as I do and check all parts of the carriageway they want to cross/enter. Theres no rush. The guy was doing 20-25mph downhill, if I had been the type of prat that pulled straight out he’d have been better off with his hand somewhere near his brake.

Some people just don’t seem able to do anything without being confrontational.


  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Read it on CC - idiot cyclist !
  • GambatteGambatte Posts: 1,453
    Hiya fossyant,

    Yeah I've put it over there as well. Not everyones on both. Figured theres a slight chance the guy might be on one of them.

    Might be interesting if he is.
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