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Energy drinks and food

Dizzy the EggDizzy the Egg Posts: 153
edited October 2007 in Health, fitness & training
Read a few articles that energy drinks can be better than water in some circumstances, is this the case? I'd never imagine that an energy drink would be better than water.

Also, what would the best kind of thing to eat after a long (2 hours+) ride, pasta?

Cheers :D


  • owen_MTBowen_MTB Posts: 222
    you should drink energy drinks only if your training for more than a hour, anything up to an hour then drink water/cordial whatever.
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  • woodgobwoodgob Posts: 96
    For most day-rides I take in water although sometimes add a little diluted Lucozade Sport (it tastes better and has some sodium replacement). When I did the SDW this year I needed more than water to replace the minerals and salts that I lost through three constant days of riding. That's when I used powdered sports drinks in the hydration pack mixed with water. I can't say if this was better than water though as I've never done it on water alone to make that comparisson - although I'd rather not take the risk.
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