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Not getting full travel on Revelations?

shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
edited October 2007 in MTB workshop & tech

I recently fitted a set of Revelation Dual Air forks to my bike. I've set up my 25% sag, they rebound at a rate I'm comfortable with, but it would appear that I'm not getting the full amount of travel out of the forks.

It seems like I never use the last inch of travel - is this normal behaviour? I've been doing some reasonably quick riding (afan argoed) - maybe the type of riding I'm doing hasn't yet stretched the forks to their limit. I'm 13 stone so no lightweight whippet.

Is it worth adjusting the forks or am I just nitpicking? I'm more than happy with the performance of them, and I'm well aware that I could easily make things worse rather than better.




  • Ciaran500Ciaran500 Posts: 348
    My forks are the same, mine are the coil version though. There is a rubber bumper to stop the forks slamming into the bottom of the arms, I'd assume that's what you are hitting. If you had a really hard landing you would be glad for that last inch.
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    it is pretty much normal.. i think it is just the forks stopping from bottoming out..
  • shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
    Thanks for the replies - I'm going to leave them, they seem to be working fine.
  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    If you set the forks at 25% sag while seated, there may be about 10mm more travel in them before they hit the stops.(bottom out stops are about 0.5in high)
    Try setting them up to 30% sag while standing, but still over the saddle. (unless you get that already).
    But as said before. If you'r happy with the performance already, you could just keep that 10mm in reserve.
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