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my new Golden willow....

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here is my new bike, anyone else got one? will give it's review once ive sobered up and been out for a ride!!



  • Am I right in saying that's the all-mountain one? Very jealous by the way, what did it replace? Or have you kept it...just in case.

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    it is the all mountain one, yes, it has 120mm at the bacck and between 70 and 140mm at the front.

    it has replaced the reign which will be sadly missed but i wanted something a bit lighter to do the same job.
  • How are you finding the adjustment?
    I was kindly given the use of an Edison by Bionicon recently, and at first, I found that it would go too steep, or too slack very quickly.
    I got used to it though, and on the 3rd ride, I found a range of adjustment in the middle that I could control fairly well, and it rode brilliantly.

    I suggested a tuning range be added, so you could personalise the setup to match your needs. That may already be on the drawing board of course, but on the whole, a good bike.
    I hope you enjoy yours.
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