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Fork Length/ Ride Height Problems.

fabienno1fabienno1 Posts: 406
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My dad's bike (Cannondale Jekyll 400) has some manitou axel supers form 2004 and I have been trying to help him decide which new forks to go for...

The aim is:
1. To get some decent forks that work well and are reasonably well priced.
2. Slacken the geometry a bit because at the moment the steering is very twitchy.

So... I have been looking at ... elID=13449 but have found something interesting. The ride height of the 2006 Manitou supers is quoted form the CRC page as being 490mm. So, I thought right, the marzocchi's have to be longer than that to do the intended task. However, it says (in the link) that the length is 474mm.

So my question is... Is the length and ride height of a fork the same or not?. I realise the ride height is from axle to race but don't know what length is referring to.
Cheers in advance.

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