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Energy bars etc

sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
edited September 2007 in MTB general
Just a quick question or 2 :D ,
Anyone ever had any tummy upsets or any other nasty side effects for eating energy bars and gels?
Its just a question i need to ask as i suffer with irritable bowel syndrome and i would hate to be out on the trail and get an attack of "the nasties" after eating /drinking any of these energy products.
My digestion isn't the greatest at the best of times but i want to be able to get the most out of my biking so i would hate to have to bypass these things and just end up riding the bike like a piece of old chewed string lol.
Many thanks, Caroline xxx


  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    Nah ive never had such a problem so far. You will probably just having to keeping trying different products untill you stop having "nasties". or have the natural energy food route like bannas etc
  • No problems this end (or that end!)...but I usually eat other foods along with a powerbar anyway. Fig rolls, Kellogs Elevenses, nutrigrain bars or mixed fruit.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    edited September 2007
    I don't like the energy drinks (powder) it made me sick but i don't think i had enough water with it or didn't mix it properly.
  • Yeh if they are anything like the protein shakes I used in Rugby training you have to mix them for years before all the bits go. Then they still taste rank!
  • Best bars out there are the Torq bars. They taste so nice i've eaten them at home when feeling peckish!
  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    yep will defintely recommend torq bars. So moist and chewy. You can eat them where ever even if you not doing sport they are that nice. My favouite are the apple and something
  • dave_sdave_s Posts: 4,362
    Lucozade Sport orange totally disagrees with me on long bike rides.
    To be honest I find alot of energy bars a bit pants too, I'll stick with watery cordial like Vimto and cereal bars.
    Dave S
  • yeh, lucozade sometimes seems to slosh about in my stomach on rides - dont know why....?
    anyway, i like GO! bars (i think thats what theyre called)
    really nice and work a treat!
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