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Hi all,
My father and I are planning on riding Highstreet in the Lake District sometime in the future. I have heard of people riding it, but can't find any dicussion of best routes etc. on the net. Sooo... has anyone done it and have any tips? How much is unridable (will be riding hardtails, and realise, also, this will depend heavily on the weather)? and is it best approached South- or Northwards?
Can't find any information elsewhere, so thanks in advance for any tips,


  • Hi,

    There's all sorts of ways of riding it, just depends on what you fancy. Last time I did it I combined it with the Ullswater singletrack and it really was a truly stunning ride. You start from Hartsop, up past Hayeswater and then High Street to Ullswater.

    The weather is a factor. It's high up hence the name so you don't want to be up there when theres a force 9 gale blowing!

    The VG Guide book for the Lakes has a couple of High Street routes. It's an excellent book and worth the purchase if you ride in the Lakes - get the CD version though so you can print out the maps.

    Failing that, try this forum for more help:

    Best of luck, it's a great ride so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
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    My GF picked me up the VG Guidebook to the Lakes and it is fantastic for detail. I've yet to give any of the routes a propper run but I'd be more than confident of navigating my way around them. Highstreet is in their "Killer Loops" section.
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    I'll see you at the end.

    You'll see me on the floor.
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