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Swinley Forest

DHer69DHer69 Posts: 6
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I went to the Go Ape place in Swinley forest the other day. I dont live near there or know much about the forest but I was wondering what kind of riding there is. Is it mainly XC because I saw a few DH bikes and some dirt jumpers. Just wondered if anyone has been riding there.


  • There's an load of singetrack in amongs the fire roads.
    You can ride up the fire roads and down thew swoopy trails.
    There is also an expert mountain bike area with big jumps.
    A map is available at the lookout discovery centre. I think you also need a ride permit (you did last time I was there - I while ago now) which you can purchase from the lookout.
    Check these guys out:
  • well its mainly xc really but with some areas with jumps (jump gully) and some short DH sections, the singletrack is pretty good and all in all its a good blast.

    I rode there loads last winter as its not too far out from london (where i live) so you can get there and do a good session riding before it gets dark. only been a few times over the summer tho.

    do a search on youtube/google video for videos of the jumps and the drops - gives you a good idea of whats there.
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