High Wycombe Foam Pit

Hi all,

I am just new to this forum and I would like to announce a new foam pit built in High Wycombe.

A small group of bikers including myself have built a foam pit on private land and with permission from the land owner we would like to open the foam pit to all bikers.

The dimensions of the foam pit are as follows;
16' long X 12' wide X 8' deep. Foam is up to the 5.5' mark with more being invested in.
A removable lid and cover are in place to stop, water, leaves and general censored getting in.

We have biked in and around Wycombe for at least 5 years as a group and would like to share our foam pit so we can meet up with other DJers and get back some of the money we have spent on it.

Entry fees will apply although authorisation is being handled at the moment.

First visit is free so you can have a look and jump to see if you like it.

The start ramp is just over 7' high.

If you would like to get hold of me you can PM me, leave a message on the forum, or send me an email. For all those that love facebook ask for my name and network in a PM.

Cheers Roland


  • can you give me any tips on making a foam pit?? and ruffly how much will it cost? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :mrgreen:
  • hi, i live not too far from high wycombe, i live near henley, and i always wanted too try a foam pit could u tell me where this foam pit is, or u could email me a map to [email protected]

  • can you give me any tips on making a foam pit?? and ruffly how much will it cost? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :mrgreen:

    How to build a Foam Pit.

    1) You need permission on a large plot of land (preferably slightly downhill).
    2) You will need at least three people to help you build.
    3) Find a nice area on the plot of land and draw up three of four possibilities of where it could go including start ramps and rough dimensions. Then ask the land owner where would be best for them.
    4) The foam pit should be AT LEAST 12'long, 6'deep, and 8' wide. We decided to go bigger and we have got close to all sides in the 16X12X8 dimensions due to tailwhips and 360 attempts.
    5) Go to a garden centre and buy 6 or more 8foot fence posts of 75X75mm and 6 or more fence post spikes at 3feet each.
    6) Plug these into the ground at the four corners and the two longest sides measuring how long the gaps are (important).
    7) Buy a wire mesh like reinforced chicken wire (50mX1.5mX2mm thick) and wrap all the chicken wire around and secure in place with 14mm staples. This goes around 3 times before running out.
    8.) Buy 2 massive tarps one is (22X35' or there abouts) and the top cover is (15X 22' approx).
    9) Put the larger tarp in the centre of the pit and cover the bottom with many many bags of stones and punch a few small holes through the bottom of the tarp (this is drainage incase of water leakage and condensation (H2O moves with gravity and therefore soaks through all layers and moves through the stones to the bottom and drains out)).
    10) Find a foam supplier and we bought 30Kg cutoff bundles for £12 a pices we needed 10 to fill 5.5' pf the pit.
    11) Buy 2 times 12 foot wooden decking and 4 times 8 foot decking and securely attach using wooden screws to the very top of the fence posts (on the outside of the fence posts so they can be stood on so the thinest side of a horizontal decking is facing up). This process stops the foam pit from collapsing outways and inways.
    12) Build a ramp, we used 2 thick chipboard cutouts for the sides of the ramp with north shore style slats across the top and supporting strats in the middle with bendy plywood for the ramp to sit on top. (all using screws and not nails)
    13) Attach the ramp to the front of the foam pit and secure using 2 more fence posts at the rear of the take off ramp (extra security so the ramp does not fall into the pit and break the front of it)
    14) Build a wooden template just larger than the pit rectangle and attach the top tarp to it so the top can be easily lifted on and off.
    15) Build a start ramp
    16) Jump

    Optional 17) To convince the land owner/parent that it is a good idea and how safe a foam pit is you can tell them that they will not be able to see it as you buy a few trees/hedges to go around the foam pit and it will be like an enclosure of trees with a bit of a wooden ramp poking out.

    Optional 18.) Buy a few more 12' planks of decking for the front of the pit as steps so its easy to get in and out.

    How to get out lift the bike above the top of the pit and get a mate to grab it off u and carry on doing that.

    All in all it will cost at least £600 and that is if you can find a descent foam supplier that will sell you foam on the cheap. It would have cost us 3 grand to only half fill the foam pit from the first supplier we went too. LOOK AROUND.
  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    :o:o:o:o:o a foam pit in high wycombe?! smashing it!!
    I'll be interested, as will a few of my mates, any chance u can pm me the details? cheers :D
  • Just seen your foam pit that is in high wycombe, can you mail me directions etc to [email protected]
  • can you email me the directions please thanks i live quite close

    [email protected]

    or the postcode of the field and ill google map it

    We used to live to ride, but then we gave up living. We ride
  • Thats a sweet guide to making a foam pit :D will use some of that!
  • PMed adover, kevthegreek, and super-manual.

    Cheers neil2oo7
  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    just waiting to get the money together to purchase a more "jump friendly" bike as my xc framed beast is taking wayyy to much of a thrashing! will be in touch soon! cheers.
  • There is bearly any stress on the bike with our foam pit unless u land on it not on the pedals for example 1 of my mates tried a superman seatgrab and ended landing on his feet on the rear wheel and has significantly buckled it. Other than that its pretty stree free on the bike
  • This is awesome! Does anybody here know if the foam pit is still active? I work for a company based in High Wycombe that creates the foam for foam pits, fittingly called Foam Pits. It would be great to check this out. :D
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