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singlespeed: where can you get a 20t freewheel?

lexlex Posts: 53
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I'm looking for a 20 tooth freewheel for my pompino... not had much luck on internet searches so would appreciate any pointers where to buy!


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    any BMX shop?

    is it a standard thread on the hub?
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  • I think that the biggest standard teeth you'll get on most bmx freewheels is 18t, though sometimes ACS come up as 20t.

    If youre getting a bmx freewheel, beware, there is often a 'step' on the thread, toward the outer side, which limits how far in you will be able to screw it. I found no problem on my fixed hub with an 18t ACS, but if you have a wide thread on your hub it MIGHT be a problem.

    I've just picked up a 20t (standard type, not bmx) freewheel from SJS Cycles ... ch-333.htm

    Its not as flashy or shiny as most bmx freewheels, but being narrower I found I got a reasonable chainline without having to resort to wide b/b's. It has a dull brassy finish, is reasonably quiet, and actually a lot smoother than the 22 tooth one I had from them some time ago. And its cheapThe only minus is that to get it off afterwards you'll probably have to kill it taking it apart!

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  • lexlex Posts: 53
    thanks both!
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