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Very funny... well I found it amusing!

GuyzieGuyzie Posts: 79
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I guess we all missed this one in the Tour... ... sh_tour_de



  • neilfittonneilfitton Posts: 107
    Just going to post this on the site when I saw your post glad someone else reads The Onion, probabaly the funniest satire site on teh net ....and it's American !!!!
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  • UranusUranus Posts: 887
    Just had my attention drawn to this one by colleagues who believe that all cyclists are dope fiends and all footballers, tennis players, athletes, etc., are as good as gold! (They're half right).

    They thought it was hysterical, but I had to laugh myself, the Onion hits the nail on the head so many times.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Good satire BUT... it supports the notion that the drug problems are in cycling because the TdF and its mountains is too hard to do without drugs - which quite a few people have shown to be completely untrue.

    The key is the time taken. What takes pros 4 hours might take 8 for 'normal' people but it can be done day after day - not on water alone obviously- but with good nutrition etc.

    It's money and the need to win that drives the drug abuse in all sports. Until drug abuse 'costs' in finacial and status terms it will always be a problem..... methinks :)
  • nmcgannnmcgann Posts: 1,780
    'lanternes naturelles' :lol:
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  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 26,310
    While you're at the Onion, you might want to purchase one of these
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  • RichN95 wrote:
    While you're at the Onion, you might want to purchase one of these

    Damn, was just about to post that :lol: $15 with delivery to the UK though :(
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  • mangamanmangaman Posts: 704
    Good to see they chose a picture of our Bradley as the archetypal drug free rider :D
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