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Groupset or Wheels - Difference...

Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
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Bit of a dilema / query..

I'm looking at getting a PlanetX Pro Carbon road bike to compliment my Mountain Bike. Budget is £1500 but..

Do I get the 105 equipped bike and add a set of Pro Carbon Wheels - £1425
Pro Carbon 50 Wheels

Or do I ditch the carbon rims and get the Ultegra equipped bike with Carbon FSA crank, carbon Tektro calipers and Reynolds rims - £1499

What will make the bigger difference? A better groupset or better rims !! I'll be using the bike for club runs and the odd time trial, triathlon..

Thanks in advance...


  • herbie12herbie12 Posts: 40
    Once you get passed 105 / Centaur, there's not a massive improvement in the actual performance of a groupset... you lose a little weight, the shifting may be a tiny bit crisper etc, but 105 is perfectly servicable.

    Good wheels can make a significant different, but I'm not sufficiently familiar with either rim to really comment. The most important thing though is that 50mm Carbon wheels look the daschund's danglies - they'd get my vote on appearance alone!
  • eheh Posts: 4,854
    I certainly wouldn't use deep carbon rims for club runs, since they really aren't designed with this type of riding in mind. Even in terms of racing there are certain races especially road where they may not be the smartest choice.

    Simple answer if they are to be your only wheels NO. If you already have some regular wheels and these are for relevant races then possibly YES.
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