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XC Mud tyres

BikerDanBikerDan Posts: 188
edited September 2007 in XC and Enduro
With winter around the corner (a big one) i thought id prepare myself early. Im looking for some decent mud tyres about 2.2 in width to fit either DS2-XC rims or Mavic XM-719 rims. Im not bothered about going tubeless for now. My Panaracer Fire XC pro tyre wont cope in the sloppy mud at my local trails. I know where i can get tyres cheap, so budgets wont really be an issue. Anyone got ant ideas?[/img]
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  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    Panaracer Trailraker!
    1.95 or 2.1 (I use the skinny ones and my bloke uses the fatter ones)
    We swear by them in Epping Forest - the muddiest muddy place ever!
    The keep you on your line, they handle wet roots and if it dries suddenly, they aren't too shabby on the dry stuff either, rocks and the like.

    Em 8)
  • ScubarScubar Posts: 453
    Panaracer Cinders are meant to be very good for lots of mud, im considering a set of them or fire xc pros.

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  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    While in England we used Fire XC pro for the Summer and Trailrakers for the Winter.
    Trailrakers where a major improvement to Fire XC Pro in Muddy conditions!
  • GT-DaveGT-Dave Posts: 1,441
    Trailrakers are ace, but I also reccomend Bontrager Mud-X tyres.
    I run with a 2.1 Trailraker on the rear and a Mud-X up front & it's a great combo.
    The Bonty is better than the Trailraker on wet roots, so keeps the front stable whilst the Trailraker pushes you through any mud!
    Also tried & tested in Epping. ;)

    Panaracer Fire Mud's are also very good,
  • BikerDanBikerDan Posts: 188
    GT-Dave- what size are the bonty's in width?
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  • davaomx5davaomx5 Posts: 36
    cinder 1.95's... great tire for most conditions... theyre on my xtc
  • GT-DaveGT-Dave Posts: 1,441
    BikerDan wrote:
    GT-Dave- what size are the bonty's in width?

    Bonty's are a 2.0, but look wider! :lol:
  • BikerDanBikerDan Posts: 188
    Cool! Obviously you need wide knob spacing but does the width matter? Ive got a 2.3 Nokian NBT tyre up front. is this good enough?
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  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    I reckon it depends what type of mud you're talking about.
    The thinner the tyre the more it will cut through the mud to where the grip is.
  • NoodooNoodoo Posts: 214
    the best tyres i've used in mud were the Panaracer Duster up front and the Smoke on the rear. Useless on anything else and draggy as hell on hardpack, but that Smoke is like a tractor tyre in the mud!

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  • Don't ride Fire XC Pros in sticky mud, absolutely alwfull in the wet! Mine skit all over the shop at the back!
  • thaibogthaibog Posts: 271
    trailraker 2.1 at the back...cinder 2.25 at the front.............i would say trailrakers both ends but they are too thin for the front wheel in areas with a few descents..the cinders are bigger with larger side knobs for cornering..great mud clearing without the compromise of less grip..

    i run a fire xc pro 2.1 on the back in the summer

    gotta love and functional
  • Cinders will be ideal for me cos my local trils are quite twisty.
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