What time of year are new bikes introduced

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As a novice and wanting a new bike i was wondering when the 2008 season bikes are released or is it up to the individual manufacturers, you see i'm a cheapskate and was hoping to pick up a bargin

On saying that would a 2008 model be a noticable improvement on the 2007


  • jonesy124
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    Buy one NOW. The impression I get is that most 2007 stock is being put on sale now. The bike I bought a month ago has gone down by £100 since :(
  • Many of the cycle manufacturers such as Van Nicholas will be launching their 2008 models at the EuroBike show, which I think is on 30th August.
  • Rich Hcp
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    Specialized introduced the 2008 bikes in July.

    I've looked at the spec on the 2008 and am happier with a 2007 Allez Sport than I would have been waiting for a 2008.

    I also saved £130 8)

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  • saif
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    I agree with Rich , depends upon spec. although you can save a lot if you chose older models. I just saw an interesting offer

    http://www.bikeandrun.co.uk/bikeshop/pr ... cts_id=296
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    2007 bikes are generally on discount from now on - distributors want to clear old stock to 2008 models in for Christmas and so offer discounts to the shops. If you want a popular model in a popular size, act quickly because there might be none left.
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