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cowiecowie Posts: 268
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Out on the bike earlier and I managed to snap my mech hanger. Didn't actually hit it off anything but it snapped.

The rear mech (SRAM X.9) is now broken :cry:
I've snapped the plastic cage (bit that holds jockey wheels) in half and was wondering if i could get a replacement cage. I can't get to my LBS till the weekend and then they might have to order one in so thought I'd check here and see if anyone new if I could order one off the internet.

I've googled replacement cages but not found anything useful (or i just fail at the googling)

I'm after a short cage if that makes a difference.


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,241
    No i don't think you can

    sorry derailleur time....get one cheap from CRC and do it yourself, its pretty simple, and the SRAM instructions are pretty good
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    as above not available.

    dont forget to order the mech hanger as well. :wink:
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  • cowiecowie Posts: 268
    Thanks guys

    :cry: That sucks. Damn mech hanger, snapped on the run in to a jump, its a bit of rough line in and the hanger just crapped out on me. I'm gonna get spend an extra £1 on mech hanger for a stronger one from BETD (at least that what it says) than for one at my LBS.
    Better get some money together for a new mech :cry:
  • A mech hanger is designed as a weak point, rather like a fuse. So buying a stronger one would mean that you're just heightening you chances of damaging your frame, rather than your hanger.
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