Levi to Predictor-Lotto?

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According to Cyclingnews they're interested.

Levi could do well with the pressure being on Cadel rather than him.
Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.


  • drenkrom
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    Or Cadel could do well with Levi working for him. I personally think this year was Leipheimer's last true crack at the Tour. And his teammate beat him. It would be a great move for Predictor, as Evans could do with some help and protection in the mountains. For all the good I think of him, i have to admit Chris Horner is not the biggest domestique-de-luxe out there.
  • CM92S4E
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    Well if Leipheimer is looking for a 'new' club then he cant have many left to go really... but personally I can't see it working with Leipheimer and Evans on the same team. It didnt really happen for Astana at the tour, especially in the Alps where Kloden had to help out the dopey Vinokourov when he obviously could have done better.