Why doesn't "The Team" go back to college...

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.. to finish their "Introduction To The Web" courses, and let some professionals fix the mistakes they've made? It's still IE only - why??? Dead easy to fix. Let me rephrase that - dead easy to fix if you understand the web. Hard as fck if think make head hurt.
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    It's not nearly IE only.

    Seems to only fall over in Gecko (though I didn't realise it was still doing that). The most popular user of that is the notoriously unfinished Firefox, which is hardly a model of W3C-compliancy
  • vermooten

    Exactly what problems are you seeing that lead you to believe that the site's intended to be IE-only?

    It's not, of course, but if there are particular problems afflicting one browser or another, then we need to get the dev team to fix them.
    John Stevenson
  • vermooten I respect your frustration at any errors you are experiencing, but it would appear you yourself haven't worked on projects as largescale & complex as Bikeradar and have to make them work on all known browsers (without doing it in tables).

    We have hardly gone around admitting that everything is perfect. We are very open in the thought that this site has bugs and we are fixing them.

    The site is created for Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Flock etc) and then is tweaked and fixed in ie6, ie7 & safari (sometimes odd opera fixes) but the majority of browsers are Mozilla based so is easier quicker and makes far more sense to work like this. Even if a higher percentage of users still use Internet Explorer.

    Bikeradar is a HUGE site, with thousands & thousands of lines of XHTML, CSS & PHP. Its not just some small personal site with 4 pages.
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    speaking as a complete punter when it comes to 'pooters' i think the site is developing nicely. really enjoying it.

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  • Pagem

    Thank you!

    The cheque's in the post :)
    John Stevenson
  • Pagem
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    i'm afraid it's only cash payments these days.
    Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.
  • Cash? How very 20th century.

    Of course I mean to say, the PayPal transfer is in process.
    John Stevenson
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    Bikeradar is a HUGE site, with thousands & thousands of lines of XHTML, CSS & PHP. Its not just some small personal site with 4 pages.
    It should be scalable though, so that each additional page doesn't requiring recoding of other pages? I appreciate you guys aren't hiring consultants to deliver something, more the better as you can take a gradual, agile approach and make it better and better with time.

    A few suggestions, as it still feels like a beta thing at the moment, maybe others have pointed them out:
    - despite all your branding efforts, there's no favicon.ico file on here
    - the members list has websites next to your username but it doesn't work
    - the text "you last visited" and the search and members list tab overwrites itself in Firefox
    - in tabbed browsers, the tabs don't show each page's subject, just the generic page address
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    Hey Gavin, your ride is pooh. Pink tassells indeed! Cut up strips of lycra, that's my top money saving tip for the week!!!!
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    I have more problems with the ste through IE 7 than i do with it on Firefox!