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XC handle bars and bar ends

Panhandling PrincePanhandling Prince Posts: 118
edited August 2007 in XC and Enduro

Can you tell me what are the best XC carbon fibre flat handle bars out there at the moment and also the best carbon XC bar ends?

Can you also suggest some more affordable alternatives as well?

The Prince



  • think180think180 Posts: 36
    I have some Ritchet WCS flats, which are perfect, and some Decathlon carbon bars ends.

    The bars came from for only €80.00 or something, and the bar ends for only€20.00.

    I don't worry about the Decathlon brand as no-one can see the labels as I pass them!
  • mtb.boymtb.boy Posts: 208
    I bought some Scandium flat bars from a shop on e-bay. They were only £35 and they only weigh 110 grams. Which is less than a lot of carbon bars.
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    The second rule of cycling is - Tell everyone how great cycling is !!!!
  • think your reffering to the kcnc scandium flat bars, same as i'm using at the minute.

    they are incredibly light but i'm starting to consider changing for something wider.
  • BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
    I've got some bontrager x-lite jobbies that are 2cm wider than most flat bars.. okay they aren't the lightest but hat extra bit of width is more comfortable ... esp on the climbs. BAr ends: why?
  • mtb.boymtb.boy Posts: 208
    I find the KCNC scandium one wide enough for me- but I do not have the widest shoulders in the world.
    The first rule of cycling is - Tell everyone how great cycling is.

    The second rule of cycling is - Tell everyone how great cycling is !!!!
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Raceface Next or Easton EC90 are generally reccomended,by the magazines.
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  • davaomx5davaomx5 Posts: 36
    easton ec90 or ec70 for me
  • baccaman21baccaman21 Posts: 523
    I may be wrong but I was under the impression bar ends on Carbon Bars isn't a good idea?

    Wouldn't it add extra stress to the ends and run the risk of catastrophic damage to the main bar?

    On my Carbon bars (FSA K-force lite XC Riser) it has a little logo that suggests not to put bar ends on... maybe it's specific to my bars but the general idea seems to make no sense to me?

    I may be wrong?
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  • ANDE.BANDE.B Posts: 544
    Carbon stuff generally dousn't like being crushed by big alluminium bolts (why you have to be carefull with what torq you put on them)
    Bars like the easton ec70's or ec90's simply combat the problem by having reinforced stem and bar-end zones.
    i'd go for the eastons.
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