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scott scalescott scale Posts: 83
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hi, ive mountainbiking for a while. I done two merida mtb marathons and finished
1st in my age cat and 12 overall in 25k (ruthin)
then in the second merida ive done...
3rd in my age cat and 13 overall in 25k (penrith)im only 15 so am not allowed to do 50k,

Also i do a fair bit of riding. Im the woollybacks mtb club(but there more redreational than racing), i ride with them on thursdays and alternate sundays. at the weekend i rode at Afan and did the wall, whites level and penhydd trail on saturday then skyline on sunday, all told 100k+. basically what im saying is im fit and commited and want to get into racing/ marathons properly, i ride a Intense spider XVP. I not to sure where to start.

cheers, any info welcome,
john jamo


  • Hi there, I was pretty much like yourself a fit recreational rider and was looking for more of a challenge. The best place to start would be You will find all info on there all the latest XC races in the counrty. Good luck
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