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Removing tub glue?

jakob_sjakob_s Posts: 477
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I managed to get hold of a(nother) pair of CPX30s and are building a new bling wheelset.
What's the best way of removing tub glue from the rim? (I plan to use tufo tape)



  • Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
    I thought I'd replied to this but apparently not.
    Please let me know how you get on as I've a knackered tub I should replace and I'm hoping to go down the tape route.
  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    i was just wondering about that- I am tidying up a tub wheel that hasn't been used in 25 years and the glue was solid & tyre perished- it has mostly chipped off, and ive lightly sanded the rest, but i was wondering how clean the rim needs to be (for cement, not tape).

    i doubt petrol will work, its all very dried out. but i might try, though not down in the cellar....

    i have read up tubs on sheldon brown- i cant quite believe how complicated they are- do you really have to throw them out after every puncture? even though wiggle has them for £8 it seems absurd. and I made the mistake of ordering only one- looks like you cant even set off round the block without a spare one.

    but i really want to restore this bike for under £10, & the only way to do that is to use the old wheel.....
    fgg 1666
  • jakob_sjakob_s Posts: 477
    I did some more googling and acetone, lacquer thinner and various paint strippers should work. (A US product called "Goof Off" is often mentioned).

    You don't have to throw out tubs after every puncture. It's perfectly viable to repair them, but it's much easier to use one of the modern sealants you can get. If you are using Tufo or Conti tubs with butyl inners, the Tufo sealant works really well. Vittoria also makes one that will work with latex inners.
    I decided years ago that it was not worth skimping on tyres and I've done the same with the tubs (Conti Competitons) and have had 2 punctures in 2 years...both of them slow punctures, fixed by the sealant. (Which can be used as a preventative measure).
    I do carry a spare tub in my bag, although not that I've moved closer to work, I don't really need it. (But as I have the bag with me anyway....).
    Finally, while it may be an entirely subjective opinion, I do think that they ride much better. I run higher pressure and yet it feels more comfortable than any clincher I ever tried.
  • Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
    I've an Argos track bike on the road. Origionally it came with tubs and being impatient I used it for 3 weeks until I got some clincher track wheels. I ran a 76" gear with the tubs and coped with all my normal runs fine. With the clinchers I'm running a 71" and couldn't imagine running the 76" with the clinchers. I think the tubs are worth the 1 tooth. If you find tape works, then I may go tubs full time, as it's on my Sunday best bike.
  • Tom753Tom753 Posts: 737
    Haha, only rich Americans throw tubs away after a puncture, the rest of the world have make do with repairs :-)

    For dried out old glue, try an old screwdriver.
  • if it is the really old type of glue (Shellac), then cellulose thinners will do the job
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  • Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
    I tried a combination of petrol and a screw driver last night it made some difference but it was really hard going.
  • Thinners work best in my experiance.

    Personally I'd use glue (currently got a big tin of conti tub cement) over tape anyday - tape is horible to remove.
  • Gavin GilbertGavin Gilbert Posts: 4,019
    Yesterday evening I was mostly removing 30 year old glue from a pair of Fiamme sprints using acetone, a scotchbrite pad and lots of elbow grease.

    The rims scrubbed up lovely. I was however as high as kite by the time I finished :? :roll:
  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    well, i used screwdriver & sandpaper, and 2 days ago fitted my first tub. it seems to work, though it was hard to get it centred initially and i spent some time sliding it around, worrying that would weaken the glue. but now its on and seems fine, and I rode the bike, probably first time its been ridden in 25 years. unfortunately, it is clearer when riding it that the crash which relegated it to the neighbours cellar didnt just destroy the front wheel but damaged the bars too badly to ignore. anyone got any old style drop bars, preferablt cinelli or ambrosio, for sale or swap?
    fgg 1666
  • Gavin GilbertGavin Gilbert Posts: 4,019
    jbindman wrote:
    anyone got any old style drop bars, preferablt cinelli or ambrosio, for sale or swap?

    Dave Marsh at does late 70's Ambrosios for a fiver. Nice bars, I've got 'em on a Holdsworth.
  • jalapenojalapeno Posts: 1,009
    ...........tape is horible to remove.

    what, and glue isn't!!

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