Ouch, yowl, judder - carbons forks?

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I have done about 200 miles on my new Claud Butler San Remo Triple, which has been great fun. I ditched the kenda tyres and have Conti gatorskins which seem very durable. I just got a footpump and realised I was riding half pumped. I have both wheels around 100 psi now and blimey what a diff!

Not only is the bike soooo much faster it is also blipping bumpy. Round here in the highlands the surfaces are not great and I was wondering if carbon forks would make a big diff?

I bought the bike from Tredz (very good) and also have been impressed with Wiggle when buying accessories.


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    Hi, if you currently have alloy forks then a change to carbon might be worthwhile as alloy forks can be very harsh and non-compliant, but if you have steel forks the difference between steel and carbon would be barely noticeable. In my opinion !
    I would be more inclined to experiment with tyre pressures and see if running at 70/80/90 psi with the front about 10 psi lower than the back might give a good compromise between speed and comfort.
    Also good padded gloves are worth trying if you don't already have them.
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  • They are steel, I think a reduction at the front should help. cheers, i will try that.
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    Consider a wider tyre (but still pumped up relatively hard). There's not much extra rolling resistance and they'll help soak up most of the bumps/juddering.
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  • i've got my tyres at 115 psi, now thats bumpy lol i feel like i'm riding a tractor :lol:
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