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Pimp my Trek 8500

dixonpjdixonpj Posts: 75
edited July 2007 in XC and Enduro
I bought a Trek 8500 in March. It's all stock at the moment, see: ... D=0&ID=224, and I'd be interested to know your suggested upgrades.

The priorities are speed and weight, and the budget is £750(ish).

Any suggestions gratefully received.




  • Rusty_UKRusty_UK Posts: 8
    Hi There,

    I Ride the 2007 Trek 8900, Personally I Rekon the best upgrade for speed wise is wheels, There is nothing you can really upgrade which makes a different other than your wheels, If your looking for the top of the range racing wheels id go for Mavic Crossmax SL's , If your on a budget id go for some of the Just Riding Alongs Rapido XTR Wheels they are super light at 1375g per pair and at a great price of £340 for the pair!...

    I Should Be Purchasing a pair of Mavic Crossmax SLR Wheels for my Trek 8900 Soon!..
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You have reached the stage of diminishing returns now with this hardtail. All the kit is good light stuff, so taking every part indivudually is going to cost an enormous amount to make big differences. You could recoup some by selling old parts. Paradoxically it can work out better to have a bike with many parts very light, and a fewparts mediocre (that would have the same overall bike weight as yours) as you'd only have to replace a few bits to make a difference!
  • dixonpjdixonpj Posts: 75
    Thanks for your comments.

    Supersonic: I agree about diminishing returns, so Rusty is right to suggest I ought to upgrade my wheels before I do anything else. I had actually been looking at some Crossmax SLs, but I worry they're not robust enough - if not for my riding now, then for the more adventurous riding I imagine myself doing as my skills develop.

    New tyres would be an obvious cheap upgrade, but my Bontrager ACXs only weigh 650g as it is. Continental's Supersonic Speed and Mountain Kings would save 300-400g, but I worry they wouldn't run tubeless as flawlessly as the Bontys - flimsy sidewalls. Any suggestions?
  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    Sonic is right, money spent will give little in the way of performance benefits. I would advise upgrading when you wear out existing parts.
    Trek grips are the first thing I changed on my Fuel EX to Odi lock ons. Ironically the lock ons are heavier with their collars and screws, but the comfort and reliability are well worth it.
    Tyres are another upgrade that is worth doing for extra grip.

    If its weight you are trying to save, then remember half a stone lost from yourself is like the weight of a frame and fork.
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