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hi ive been trying to learn do 180's but ive found when ever i manage to land it i always fall off because i cant get used to going backwards and then pivot out of it (maybe because i cant pivot well anyway)

i was just wondering if anyone had any tips that would help me out ....

thanks :)


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    Hi there, since I can't do 180's i can't help you on those but I can fakie which is what you call the pivot, i find it easy to learn to just go up a small bank 'stall' and then let your bike roll backwards, allways keeping your bodyweight central when you feel you have gone backwards for long enough just turn the bars in the oppisite direction then where you want to go. For example if you want to turn to the right then turn your bars to the left, this should hopefully turn you right around.

    Hope this has helped :)
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    Im in the same postion, now trying tricks like 180's, and i can get the 180 'whip' i suppose off a jump but cant keep upright when i land.

    At the moment, iv found a small flatbank near me, and i just practising rolling up it and coming down. i think the advice above is good, altho, i find it often helps, as you are going bacward and you turn your bars, that when you are starting to turn the bike, you apply the back brake and lift the front, bringing it around so you can bike off.

    Then i suppose its just putting it into practise, which i will be doing sumwhere with a nice soft landing for when i fall off :oops:

    Anyway, hope my essay helps.


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  • fortunefortune Posts: 62
    hi guys thanks for the replys, gona go look for a bank 2day to practice on :)

    also have you got an tips or anything on 180s themselfs??

    when i do them when im in the air i look back and turn the handlebars around, and kinda push the bike with my legs, i always turn the bars maybe a step ahead of the frame (it seems to help a lil)

    is that how you do them? if not could you explain your way?

    thanks :)
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    I'm getting there at the mo' and my advice is that you need to do the whole thing in a much more "exaggerated" way.

    don't just "turn" your bike, really rotate it like your trying to 360 it. I'm getting about 170 at the mo, but not a crisp one.
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    It's easier to do than it is to explain but I'll give it a try...

    The best place to learn is out of a bank on to the flat as then you dont have to worry so much about landing backwards on a downslope until you've learned the basics.

    1st thing is you need to go bit faster than normal as the rotation will slow you down.

    The most important thing after that is as to turn your head in the direction you want to spin as you're just getting airbourne. Dont forget to do a decent bunny hop though as you dont want to catch you're back wheel on the take off. Be sure to properly look over your shoulder as where your head goes, your body follows.

    In the air just try and stay stable and think about your landing. Look down to try and spot it and then try to land on both wheels together. Now you have a choice, you can either start pedaling backwards or pivot round straight away. If you want to pedal backards for a bit then keep your weight central and your arms straight until you want to pivot out. To pivot I find it easier without using the brake but a little squirt on the back brake can help you shift your weight if you're struggling to get it round. I just kinda lock my cranks instead. A quick jerk on the bars can help too.

    Be sure to pivot out in the same direction as you span the 180 (ie, pivot out clockwise if you span the 180 clockwise) otherwise you'll do what's known as an "Indian Giver" and they're a bit of a no-no (in BMX anyway). It also looks and feels whole lot smoother if you keep it all in the same direction.

    Apart from that you just gotta practice! Watching how other people do it is a good help and as the others said learn how to go fakie 1st otherwise you'll have a harder time riding out from your 180.

    Then once you're confident you can take it to the dirt jumps :)

    Hope this helps.
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  • TomRTomR Posts: 50
    If you want to fake out of 180's then its also a pretty good idea to practise doing a 180 endo then fakie-ing outta that, its helpful for learning to straighten up after the rotation.
  • I've been practicing 180s and can nearly get the rotation although i ride left foot forward and spin anti clockwise because it feels more natural. Is this okay?
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    Also putting your weight in the opposite direction to which you turn your bars might help when you fakie out, so if you turn your bars right put your weight to the left.
  • best advice anyone can give, TURN YOUR HEAD!!!

    if you dont turn your head, your body doesnt follow and consequently you end up o your censored .

    make sure you dont look at one part of the floor when doing a 180, keep your head spinning untill youve got it dailed.
  • JasmeetJasmeet Posts: 1
    hey guys ,,i use cross countary mtb shocks .and so they do not allow me to do a 180,
    but i do a 180 by pedal kick and land a little bit sideways,,
    ANY TIPS please.... :lol:
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