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7 stanes 3 dayer 13-14-15th august

wonderhorsewonderhorse Posts: 23
edited August 2007 in MTB rides
anyone going on the 13th,14th or 15th of august?
i'm going on me todd at the moment if any like minded fun mountain bikers fancy a blast round the many many trails / freeride / northshore sections i would welcome the company.

Carl from leeds, yorkshire
age 34
iron horse / bald head


  • For those who fancy coming, heres my riding plan - feel free to join in any or all of them :)












    Then back home for a hot bath and a rub down :)
  • slimbobslimbob Posts: 35
    I'm up that way sometime in August but those dates are mid week so it won't be then. I had to reply though and say that with a ride schedule like that it'll probably put most people off :? It's a bit of a tough 3 days. Have fun. :)
  • Have to agree on how tough the schedule is. Did Dalbeattie and Kirrroughtree's Twister recently, but not even on the same day, let alone in an afternoon evening.
  • yes i must admit it will be tough riding but day 2 is a rest after day one and day three is a bit of a play day and an easy finish so hopefully i should manage it all, if not i might stay an extra day and take it a bit easier.

    my schedule is based on the higher of the 2 estimated ride times for each trail i.e 1-2hrs for the twister i am giving myself the 2 hours estimate.

    i'm not expecting to get a riding buddy for every ride but maybe 1 or 2 of them, espescially if they have ridden he routes before as i'm always getting lost even with sat-nav!!

    rinkydinkdink -
    out of interest, what level of fitness (1-10) are you and how long did dalbeattie and the twister trails take?

  • mcmc Posts: 70
    Most of those trails can probably be done in 2-3hrs at a moderate pace with minimal stops.

    I'd suggest you skip Ae, and reorganise so you can do the full Kirroughtree Red/Black. It's 26miles, but is the best route in the 7stanes. With minimal stoppages and a reasonable pace, I'd guess it can be done in 3-4hrs (usual group pace is 5-6hrs, but that usually involves much stopping/faffing/going back to attempt things again/take photos..etc)

    If you really don't want to miss Ae, just go and do the Omega Man (last downhill section). I've only ridden there once, but can't remember anything else on the route that would make me want to ride there again.

    My suggestion for riding would be-
    Day 1 - Kirroughtree Red/Black, then Dalbeattie Red (Stay in dumfries area overnight)
    Day 2- Nice gentle spin round Mabie red, followed by a play at Ae on route to Peebles area. And if you still feel energetic enough, drive up to buzzards nest car park at Glentress and have a play in the freeride area.
    Day 3 - Glentress Red, Innerleithen Black/Downhill, Newcastleton on the way home.

    Although to ride most of Glentress/Innerleithen, it really takes two full days. If you prefer the harder stuff, then I'd say to skip Mabie, so you can get more time at GT/Inners.
  • cheers for that, i'm either gonna stay an extra day or miss out Glentress and innerlaithen completley and go back there for a full weekend in late aug early sept or early oct depending on't weather.

    what would kirroughtree, glentrool, dalbeattie, mabie and newcastleton be like in a 3 day session?

    once again cheers,
  • mtb.boymtb.boy Posts: 208
    To do the riding plan mentioned in your schedule you will have to be super fit. I am usually knackered after doing the Mabie Red Route (Phoenix Trail). But then again I work as hard on the downhill parts (pulling brakes on) as I do on the uphills as I am scared of jumping.
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  • Day 2 is Tuesday 14th August, right? In which case I wouldn't bother going to Ae. As someone already said the Omega Man section is the only really worthwhile bit of the course and it's closed during the week, along with a lot of the rest of it. I'd say it was worth going to Ae, but only ever on a weekend.

    By the way, your schedule sounds absolutely insane.
  • Oh, also, I've heard (though neveractually been, mind) that Newcastleton and Glentrool aren't really worth the trip. Glentrool especially as it's pretty much all on froest roads, but I suppose it would make sense to try Newcastleton if it's on your way home...
  • cheers for the replies, it's good to know a few insider tips before going.

    Glentrool is out as it might have nice views but not worth the extra journey,
    Ae is now out as that too sounds pointless for a midweek ride.
    Glentress, Innerleithen and Newcastleton are all going to be saved for another time as i have doubts on my fitness after hearing from various people that the 7 stanes website 'estimated times' are virtual garbage and you could quite easily double them.

    so that just leaves me with MABIE, KIRROUGHTREE AND DALBEATTIE.
    one ride a day, monday - mabie, tues - dalbeattie and weds - kirroughtree with a bit of sightseeing and a round of golf to relax me on thursday.

    sounds better now :)

    first weekend in september for Glentress and Innerleithen then if anyone fancies it, post a message - got my new Troy Lee D2 today and i'll bloody well need it :lol:

    once again folks, thanks

  • I was looking at doing Glentress next week, I might be interested, where are you staying.


  • the back of my grand cherokee!!
  • Oh, also, I've heard (though neveractually been, mind) that Newcastleton and Glentrool aren't really worth the trip. Glentrool especially as it's pretty much all on froest roads, but I suppose it would make sense to try Newcastleton if it's on your way home...

    Hey... Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.... some of us even have to live there!!!
  • i'm sure it's a lovely place and i have no doubt worth the ride, but i have an very slow beating heart and it takes a hell of a lot to get my adrenaline pumping :shock:
  • owww - i now feel like i've spent a night at Michael Barrymores :oops:

    great place to ride despite the shiddy weather spoiling it - i'm going back as soon as the sun stays out for a few days and dry's things up.

    big air, no hair, sore derriere
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