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Rack on XC bike

h i r 0h i r 0 Posts: 76
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This is possibly bordering on sacrilegious, but I'd appreciate a couple of straight answers amongst the flames :wink:

I'm currently considering getting one of the following bikes:

GT Avalanche 1.0
Carrera Fury
Mongoose Tyax Elite or Super 07

Apart from starting to do some cross-country and generally trying to get fitter on this bike, I need to commute, and that means lugging around my laptop, lunch and other stuff. At the moment I carry all this in an Altura Laptop Pannier on this Topeak rack. It adds up to a fairly heavy package, and I really didn't enjoy using a backpack with this lot in it.

Do any or all of the bikes mentioned above have fittings for a rack, or do things like that disappear as you move toward the more serious end of MTBs?


  • ToastyToasty Posts: 2,598
    I had this years Avalanche 1.0 in XL, it had pannier mounts on the back so should be ok. The spec on the bits is very good and you can lock out the fork if you find the bob annoying on roads.

    Saying that I found the geometry too short (I am 6'6" though) so swapped the frame for a second hand XL Stumpjumper frame.
  • h i r 0h i r 0 Posts: 76
    Thanks Toasty,

    That's my shortlist compiled by talking to a couple of mates and reading threads on here. I've yet to actually sit on any of them. The pannier mounts is an important, but secondary point for me. I could always keep my old Saracen for the commute.
  • ToastyToasty Posts: 2,598
    Don't get me wrong, the Avalanche is a lovely bike :) Very light frame and impressive components at that level, my friend is a bit shorter and loves his.

    I'd definitely recommend sitting on them though, I felt crippled personally by the shorter top tube, always off balance and couldn't lift the front properly. My friend is a bit shorter and has no trouble at all. Completely down to personal preferance and riding style.

    The Rockhopper might be worth considering if you have a local dealer:

    Saying that I've yet to hear a bad word about the Mongoose you mentioned. The Elite suffers a bit component wise though, the jump in quality for £100 more is pretty big, lighter wheels, a better fork with lockout, fantastic hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical (which I have on my other bike and really don't like).
  • bryanmbryanm Posts: 218
    Personally I'd use the old bike for the commute either way. Keep the new bike for 'Sunday best'.
  • Ed 81Ed 81 Posts: 200
    Avalanche is a super comfy bike. :D
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