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your views on thetford forest..please.

xcman27xcman27 Posts: 72
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im planning a trip to thetford forest..just wandering if anyone on here had been..and if so what the highs and lows of thetford?!?!?!


xcman.. :D


  • BeardedDaveBeardedDave Posts: 1,977
    No highs or lows, it's all flat. Ha ha, someone would no doubt say it. :roll:

    Good fun. It's is flat but that in itself poses it's own challenges as there's no freewheeling to be done. It's not especially technical but then, if you ride it fast enough, it becomes technical with all the tree dodging as there's some pretty tight twisty singletrack. Actually there's a little bit about Thetford in the back of the latest copy of MBUK, which describes it pretty well.

    There are two marked trails of note (red and black route) which you can pick up from High Lodge but don't be afraid to explore as the real singletrack gems are the unmarked trails. The best unmarked trails are the opposite side of the B1106 road to High Lodge, known locally as the Brandon side, as they can be got to from Brandon Country Park (incidently, it's free to park there whereas at High Lodge it's £5 or £6), but these are best found with the help of a local.
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  • RichiekonaRichiekona Posts: 37
    Excellent single track area, black route gets to much use and is a bit of a mess. It is best to ask for local guide (ask on forum) when visiting as they tend to know the best areas to ride.
    Would be worth trying the Marin Winter Series at Thetford as this will take you round most of the best parts of Thetford.

    Richie :lol:
  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    Its good but mbuk done that article quite a while ago and the trails detoriated quite rapidly since so if you go don't be annoyed that they gave a false article. Its just so badly over used with out any tlc. But it would be better in the winter I reckon
    Buts parts are mainly BCP side of eveything.
  • Ed 81Ed 81 Posts: 200
    It can be a bit of a slog if the grounds drenched as its very sandy / grity. Its an easy ride in the dry. Keep a eye out for the "The Beast" good fun...
  • ima 3ima 3 Posts: 6
    i loved it when i went but it was dry its fast fun and even better with your mates
  • there are great bomb holes
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