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Anyone tried Maxxis Maxlight tyres?

mtb.boymtb.boy Posts: 208
edited July 2007 in XC and Enduro

Does anyone use Maxxis Maxlight tyres? I am thinking about buying a pair, but am unsure about their durability and grip.

I use a Kona Kula Supreme and ride on gravel fireroads, gravel single track and some road use.

They are ultralight - which sounds good to me, but they say they are for RACE USE ONLY - does that mean they will wear out after a couple of hours use? Or puncture like a waterballoon dropped on a hedgehog?
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  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    i use a pair of maxxis larsen tt 2.0 for xc racing with a lot of gravel fire road and they seem to last ok and are fast on the road
  • These tyres will wear out pretty fast as the durometer is about 61a. That's a soft tire. They are super light and they roll really fast, but for some fire roads and some hard pack conditions. They seem to get punctures really easily...The Maxxis Crossmark is one good tyre. I have them in the tubeless edition and they work like a charm!
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