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heart rate monitor

tigerockettigerocket Posts: 313
i have a had a couple of HRM's both polar, usually priced about £35. i have lost the strap on both of them.

does anyone have any recomendations on what a good cheap one would be be. sorry if this should be in the buying advise section, i didn't want to get mixed up this the "what's the best bike for £300" lot. :lol:


  • The greatest thing to do is to check on Ebay. I saw a Nike for sale for 52$ US. Polar does great HRM's...Timex too.
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  • Red PandaRed Panda Posts: 269
    You can get a replacement Polar T31 (non coded) chest strap for around a tenner, as I did about a month ago :) cheap but great quality.
  • Andy_PAndy_P Posts: 7
    I found this one from Wiggle was pretty handy and it's currently reduced from £79.99 to £32.99: ... %20Monitor
  • Red PandaRed Panda Posts: 269
    Apparently ALDI are currently doing a combo HRM and Cycle Computer for 12.99! Get 'em while they're hot :)
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    I bought one from Aldi at the weekend. It's fitted to the bike but I've not been out on it yet properly to try the heart-rate stuff but certainly, the bike computer works well.
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