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Giant Trance 2 '06

JumperSimon14JumperSimon14 Posts: 284
edited July 2007 in XC and Enduro
Does anyone have one? And do you think it's a good bike?
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  • MaxRocksMaxRocks Posts: 131
    I have the 07 and it's fantastic for long XC jaunts, a mate has the 06 and says exactly the same.
    I used to ride a Reign before it was stolen and that was to much for me but the Trance is ideal.
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  • paulf2007paulf2007 Posts: 341
    yeah trance advanced, ok its carbon but can only be marginally better. same suspension set up. best bike I have owned.
  • FrogSkitFrogSkit Posts: 153
    I bought a trance last year. My first MTB, I love it, does everthing I want it to do ( Which is not that much)

    Just make sure you get one with Hydros.

    At christmas I fitted new 130mm forks Superb !.

    I would recommend.
  • I am thinking on getting the Giant XTC 4.5.. what do you think?

    Its as much as my budget will stretch..
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  • flybywireflybywire Posts: 575
    I own a trance 3 with Hope M4 brake upgrade etc.

    Good Bike, but for racing too heavy.. to ride all day comfortable & handles well (low slung frame) :)

    For enduro/freeride an Orange 5 or Spec.Enduro FSR better bikes, the Giant can be found well discounted everywhere.

    Only problem is longevity of pivot bearings, my bike is 12months old and 1 set replaced 3months ago under warranty.. now there is play again. :!:
  • dvatc_markdvatc_mark Posts: 37
    I've got a 06 trance 2, absolutly fantastic bike. Ridden it for the last year and haven't needed to upgrade anything except for the tyres as the stock bull dogs wear out pretty quick.

    I can't belive people claim they are too heavy for racing, mines only about 2 lb heavyier than my mates Anthem 1.
  • paulf2007paulf2007 Posts: 341
    have to agree with you, I have the trance advanced and built an anthem team with fox terralogic forks and cant say its better for racing than the trance.
  • neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
    I currently own an 07 trance 2 and a 05 XTC 3, and they are the best bikes I have ever ridden (better than certain "american big brand" ones i have owned in the past when it comes down to value for money).
  • dvatc_markdvatc_mark Posts: 37
    Very true, all the finishing kit on mine is raceface, not a piece of unbranded kit or own brand (badged up unbranded kit) anywhere - sorry except for the grips, which were Giant and rubbish.
  • stu89stu89 Posts: 12
    I've a 06 trance 2 and agree with all the replies to this thread. I competed in XC races with it and finished in sort of mid positions which ain't bad for a 43 year old!!! The only faults i've had are the fox rp3 leaked from day one and the Raceface crank bearings have been replaced. Both faults done on a no quibble warranty from the LBS.
  • dvatc_markdvatc_mark Posts: 37
    Here here with the raceface bottom bracket wearing out quickly, my new one has just arrived in the post......
  • stu89stu89 Posts: 12
    The guy in the LBS said I'd be back wanting some more raceface bearings within 6 months!!! If you could get an XT CRANK in black I'd buy one Today!
  • dvatc_markdvatc_mark Posts: 37
    Giving the raceface bearings one more go, if these die after 6 months I'll be fitting the XT bearings in thier place as they are a part for part fit.
  • stu89stu89 Posts: 12
    I have a spare LX hollowtech 2 set of bearings, can these fit the Raceface Evolve crank? They look the same as the XT ones? This would cheer me up as my Trance is coming up for a year old now and to get the two year warranty on the Fox RP3 you gotta send it off to MOJO and get it serviced for £80.
  • dvatc_markdvatc_mark Posts: 37
    The LX hollowtech II bearings will fit fine.
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