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What Happened?

SeanTSeanT Posts: 51
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Riding along at about 20mph, the steering suddenly started violently wobbling. I braked gently to a stop thinking my forks were about to fall off. Just before I came to a halt there was a loud bang and the front tyre went down.

On inspection the tyre was fine, the inner tube had a 30mm slit and the blow out had forced the tyre part way off the rim.

I just don't understand what caused the wobbling before the blow out and why it didn't go bang until I had nearly stopped. I guess I was pretty lucky really I could have been going much faster and at least I got some warning before it popped.

Anybody had a similar experience?


  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    Is it possible you trapped part of the tube between the tyre and the rim? You might not have noticed when you pumped it up, and as you were riding the build up of heat on the bit of tube sticking out would have caused a blow out.

    You could be forgiven for thinking the blowout forced the tyre off the rim when that part of the tyre was already off the rim due to the tube being trapped between the tyre and the rim.
  • Sounds like the tyre weren't seated on the rim properly and it blew off

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
  • EasyridercpEasyridercp Posts: 217
    Sounds like the tyre wasn't properly seated, it became more unseated during the ride causing the wobble finally causing the tube to blow from bulging out the gap.
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