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RIIS is a cheat - FACT

MasoncpMasoncp Posts: 44
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Stole the 1996 TDF - lets hope he can at least help clear the sport up.

Says the 1996 TDF win means nothing to him - bet the clean riders competing against him are pleased with that selfish comment!!!!


  • "bet the clean riders..."

    Were there any? Unlikely at that level, surely?

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  • RIIS?! thought it was oscar somthingorother.......


    Insert stupid, possibly baby elephant realated, comment here......
  • Also known as "Mr 60%" by fellow team mates in 1996!!!

    "There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!"
  • If I put the words "Lance Armstrong" and EPO in the same post do you think that this message will appear on his Blackberry, oh hold on chaps, there's a knock on the door................................

    "There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!"
  • I wonder how Riis feels now about his comment when told of Miguel Indur in's retirement at the start of 1997?

    Said with typical superior sneer: "Oh, really? That's a pity -- I would have liked to have beaten him this year as well."


  • SworkscpSworkscp Posts: 113
    Most top riders use gear FACT the ones that dont carry bottles all their lives and never win much.That year Geweiss (spelling?) came from zeros to heros out of nowhere and with eyeballs like dinner plates[;)]Armstrong and EPO [?] isnt it a documented fact that he used EPO and other banned substances to recover from his illness[;)]I see Trek road bike sales are dropping now that he has retired,maybe im being cynical but a marketing ploy maybe...who knows in the corrupt world we live in[?] That last bit is meant VERY tounge in cheek and in no way am I accusing anybody of anything just before anybody takes a shot at me im just surprised by nothing in what some people will do these days to make money and become famous but back to what I said about Lance and EPO,do you think its fair that he should be allowed to do what is alleged he did (taking drugs regardless of the reasons) to me thats not a level playing field regardless of the circumstances[?]

    A British ex pro once said to me that he was surprised that, a certain other British ex rider's (pro I think?) kids only had two arms,two legs,one head and two eyes when they were born because of the amount of gear that this rider had necked over the years....I could open a huge can of worms here...obviously I wont BUT its food for thought about just how widespread drug abuse is and has been in cycling as well as many other sports[xx(][V][:p]
  • Cannock ChaseCannock Chase Posts: 558
    I'm glad you said "... and in many other sports".
    Cycling is not alone in sport drug taking. Perhaps it's troubles are well documented beacause it is at least trying to do something about it instead of burying heads in sand as other sports do.

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  • agree totally with you SWORKS. your not the only Cynic. i will say it Armstrong probably did take EPO or any other Gear that the teams Doctor gave him..prob politics that he didnt get ive said countless times funny how a lot of his ex team mates have been caught at it.....even Frankie Andreu said he was there when the doctor administered the drugs to Armstrong...what gets me are those people out there who cant see by their beloved big tex when the drugs issue gets thrown up...He will probably own up in 10 years time just like Mr 60% Riis and Zabel have done.....
  • OddballcpOddballcp Posts: 197
    Stop making with all the negative waves, Baby.
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  • romansromans Posts: 542
    Are there any circumstances as to why he has made this statement now and in which context has he done it?


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  • mjonesmjones Posts: 1,915
    Before making further allegations about named persons can I suggest you read admin's guidelines about defamatory posts in the Race forum...
  • sylvanussylvanus Posts: 1,125
    Don't be a blitherhead. Do you honestly think Big Tex is going to sue us all for stating the almost certain truth when he has left all such public accusations lie without real legal challenge. He may have many faults but he is not completely stupid. Can you imagine the horrors that would emerge in a court case given recent events?

    Lets be straightforward, we all know the likely truth and he knows what we guess at is true!

  • DayvoDayvo Posts: 1,882
    And Riis had the nerve to sack Ivan Basso for 'alleged unproven (as of yet)' evidence of doping involvement!
    Don't we all love hypocrites?

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    I get knocked down . . . but I get up again . . .
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