Possible Stolen Bike

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Possible Stolen Bike

Postby Figus1979 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 15:03 pm


I bought a bicycle off ebay and after seeing a similar bicycle on Google images I clicked on the picture only for it to take me to a stolen bicycle website.

There were few pictures of the bicycle but the poster had not disclosed the frame number or given a crime number.

I contacted the owner via the website but have not heard as of yet though it has only been three days. If the poster does not know the frame number or have a crime number what should I do?

I have contacted ebay, visited my local Police station, etc.

What should I do before I hand the bicycle back to the owner as it would be nice to have definite proof that they are the owner?

It is not so much the loss of the money but the feeling that I was duped. I would hate for someone to steal my prize and joy and I would find it very hard to live with myself if I knew a 100% the bicycle was stolen.

I hope this makes sense?

Many thanks!

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